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Lower Arkansas A ILF Stream & Wetland Mitigation Site 1 - Cloud Creek 
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

The Cloud Creek Mitigation Site is Terra Foundation's first approved ILF mitigation site in the State of Oklahoma. This 40-acre mitigation site along Cloud Creek compensates for authorized impacts to wetlands and streams within the Lower Arkansas A Service Area, which consists of the entire Polecat-Snake Watershed in northeastern Oklahoma.  

This restoration effort occurs within the floodplain and along approximately 1/2 mile of Cloud Creek. The location was considerably degraded due to stream bank erosion and incision along Cloud Creek and its tributaries, an abundance of invasive species within the riparian corridor, and degradation of an ephemeral tributary. 

Terra Foundation is addressing these impairments through these restoration activities:

  • Enhancement of over 32 acres of riparian and wetland buffer along Creek through prescribed fire, tree plantings, invasive species management, and selective cutting.

  • Restoration and enhancement of over 8 acres of emergent and forested wetlands. 

  • Reducing stream bank erosion and bed instability along Cloud Creek and its tributaries through installation of constructed riffles and in situ floodplains with rootwad revetment, coir logs, and longitudinal peaked stone toes. 

  • Restoration of the impairment ephemeral by construction of a natural sinuous channel alignment with a proper stream cross section. 

Cloud Creek PFO Restoration.jpg

Forested Wetland Restoration


Cloud Creek In-Stream Restoration

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